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ADIG presents the latest innovations from research teams of its Bulgarian and foreign partners. Here you can learn about the latest products and equipment available to our customers, new patents and developments, with information on events, seminars and exhibitions, where ADIG participate together with their partners.

Exhibition VITeff 2017


VITeff is well and truly the Sparkling Wine Technology Exhibition par excellence, whether you are thinking about Champagne, Crémant, or other sparkling wines of worldwide renown.

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New products for the 2017-2018 campaign


The Bulgarian wine producers can use: fining additive for must racking by flotation, oenological carbon, a new series of oak powders and a new lactic acid bacteria provided by the French company Sofralab.

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Last generation electrical pruning shear INFACO ELECTROCOUP F3015


6 years of research were spent perfecting the latest electronic pruning shears, ELECTROCOUP F3015, adapted for the needs of the consumers in the field of saw, hedge-trimmer, desuckering tool, and electric olive harvester. Actually, F3015 were tested for two entire seasons in order to fully optimize their performance a reliability.

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Available to the Bulgarian wine producers are one new yeast strains, two new foodstuffs, two new yeast products, three new fining products,  one new enzyme and two new tannins, all of them produced by the French company for enological products SOFRALAB:

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PELLENC-PERA latest generation of presses


The company PELLENC-PERA presented its last generation of presses equipped with the ENOXY and ENOXY plus systems. PELLENC-PERA France is a world leader in the production of wine-presses and thermal vinification systems.

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