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TER (Touraine Emballage Recyclage) was founded in 1979 with recycling of lightweight packing for fruits and vegetables as a core business. In 1995 T.E.R. developed other products, dedicated to the logistic packing, metal cages on wheels, boxes, containers and others.

Based in the central part of France, in Tours, T.E.R. is a leading manufacturer of logistic packing. It offers a wide range of products for transport and storage of materials suitable for various spheres of activity: industry, retail, recycling, laundry industry and food industry (manufacture and storage of wine).

logistic pallets, standard and specific

The product range covers logistic pallets, standard and specific of all sizes, to provide the logistic solutions you expect. From the design phase in the scientific and research department to the delivery of your logistic packing, T.E.R. offers you its experience, know-how and fast service.

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