АDIG presents - General Plastics

Since its establishment in 1952, General Plastics has always beenowned and managed by the family of Mr. Elio Montaruli who founded it. The main factory and office are based in Rome.

General Plastics is a European producer of plastic and paper packings for the food industry, elements for closure and sealing, systems for fastening in agriculture and products for pharmacy.

TIEFIX is the best sold product in Europe since 1960.

With regards to agriculture, the system for fastening TIEFIX is the best sold product across Europe ever since 1960 and is number one choice for vine growers and farmers around the world, irrespective of what you need to fasten – vine shoots, branches, seasonal crops or flowers.

  • TIEFIX 100% Biodegradable - 100% biodegradable ties for seasonal plants (vine and greenhouse plantations)
  • TIEFIX Classic - Durable plastic ties for gardens and nurseries – BANDOFIX – Rubber ties in the shape of anchors, easy to attach without knots
  • TIEFIX matic - TIEFIX ties suitable for the automatic systems for fastening.

General Plastics believes in the principle “Made in Italy”


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