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In 1928, Mr. LEON LEPELTIER purchased „DUBOIS RICHARD“ trade mark together with the patent for sulphurous stripes patented in 1833.

In the following 10 years, Mr. PIERRE LEPELTIER improved the formula for sulphurous stripes and manufactured the first automatic machines for series production. With them, the company produces 65 000 sulphurous stripes per day. Mr. PIERRE LEPELTIER expanded activity by adding a third machine for manufacture of sulphurous disks.

Sulphurous stripes and disks, soft and hard wax, semi-automatic and automatic machines for placing stamps and soft wax on the neck of the bottle.

In 1941, he perfected the formula for production of wax for seals and cement for barrels. In 1968 LAURENT LEPELTIER took over the company. Some years later the factories of LEPELTIER were renamed to S.E.S.O.L., a name by which the company is known today.

In 1990 SESOL presented the first semi-automatic machine for stamping and two years later was awarded the VINITESCH prize for the first French semi-automatic machine for placing wax on the bottle neck. MAXIME LEPELTIER is a third generation of LEPELTIER family to assume management of SESOL in 1990 and was awarded silver medal for innovations at SITEVI in Montpellier for automatic machine for placing wax stamp.

The company is located in the industrial part of the town of Saint Herblain, near Nantes, France. It is a world known manufacturer of:

  • Sulphurous stripes and disks.
  • A wide range of colours for soft and hard wax.
  • Semi-automatic and automatic machines for placing stamps and soft wax on the bottle neck.

Production of custom color as well as brass stamps designed by the customer.

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