АDIG presents - COLLARD

COLLARD is a family business for 5 generations in service of winegrowers, situated in Champagne, France. The first mechanic machine for green pruning in the world was created and designed by Andre Collard in 1960. That was a real revolution as one machine would do the work for 20 workers for a day.

Since that moment all wine-growing regions in France are interested in it, and after that some countries, such as Switzerland, Germany...
Since then many improvements have been made and the machine for green pruning COLLARD which is a synonym of efficiency and strength, has been produced in thousands of copies (more than 22 000 machines put into operation till today). COLLARD company has a distribution network on the five continents. COLLARD conquered most grape producers in the world: Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, China... This expansion is owing to the fact that machines for green pruning succeeded in adjusting to each vineyard, responding to local specificities and also to the quality and firmness of the equipment. Owing to its experience, the company COLLARD „speaks“ the language of all grape producers.



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