АDIG presents - Technibag

Technibag was founded in 2000 to respond to the growing demand of Bag-In-Box on the market.


  • Production of machines for filling and packing and flexible solutions for packing of the following types: Bag-In-Box, Pouch и Cheertainer ®,which preserve the quality of the packed liquids and increase their expiration date.
  • Offering machines and expert opinion on packing to guarantee the best result.
  • Adjusting technical solutions to your specific needs.

Sectors of production:

  • Wine, alcohol, cocktails, aperitifs
  • Fruit juice, puree, compote...
  • Vegetable oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, margarine, spices...
  • Syrups, concentrates, post-mix... aperitifs, cocktails...
  • Liquid eggs, egg products
  • Dairy products, cream, milk, ice cream
  • Other sectors: food and non-food industry


  • A team of 25 people dedicated entirely to packaging.
  • Single industrial structure based in France with options for full traceability and commitment on deadlines.
  • Technical teams capable of designing, manufacturing, installing and operating machines, training of your machine operators and customer service.
  • Permanent stock of spare parts.

Technibag is an active company with presence in most continents; it offers a wide range of machineries: manual, semi-manual, semi-automatic and automatic machines for filling, as well as a wide choice of peripheral equipment for packing.

Rigorous approach:

TECHNIBAG is the only European manufacturer to have their manufactured materials tested by an independent safety audit organisation, the APAVE, before their launch on the market  www.apave.com . This enables us to certify the conformity of our materials in relation to Directive 2006/42/EC.
This approach allows Technibag to work with large brands in various fields of expertise. (More information and list of references are available upon request).

R & D projects:

TECHNIBAG develops many partnerships and research programmes. Innovation is on-going at Technibag which has launched 20 new products since it was founded.
Our most recent scientific developments stemming from fundamental research include: the DAS automatic start system, Oxycontrol ® technology,  C’Booster 3-function packing machine, ultra clean model (UC)…

For more information please visit the TECHNIBAG official website


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