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Passion for mechanics, love for wine, permanent interest in improvements are the driving force of CWM (Corrado Wine Machinery).

Your satisfaction is most important to CWM and they believe this is their best advertising.
You will find Corrado Wine Machinery in Prato di Correggio in the province of Reggio Emilia in Italy. Along with APAG affiliate, they produce a wide range of equipment for wine production: tanks with accessories – fittings, valves, heat exchange coils, heat exchange panels; filters, filling and emptying barrel systems.

Peristaltic pump, PRST series

As a matter of fact, PRST peristaltic pump is a reference point for the production of CWM. This pump allows the regulation of flow rate and regulation pressure, independently of each other. It is equipped with a patented system which allows you to adjust or reset the pressure of the pipe in the pump.

This system allows:

  • Slower wear and tear of the pipe, therefore longer life and up to 40% economy.
  • Automatic sterilization cycles of the machine.
  • Bidirectional bypass without product recycling, whereas in each case it is indicated in which direction it is needed to regulate the flow by simply opening and closing the tap (for example, filling of barriques)
  • Safe work as the rollers which press the pipe slacken automatically in case of accidental intrusion of solid body in the pump body (for example, branches, stones or others).
  • The pump is multifunctional: it allows the transport of liquids but also of grape pulp or grape by installing a storing pan for a few seconds without using tools.
  • Pipe lubrication is carried out automatically, thus avoiding regular and expensive maintenance.
  • The combination of this pump with a special gun of our series allows to perform operation of filling or emptying barrels with optimization of time through variable speed and loss reduction.

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