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INFACO is a company fully dedicated to the production of portable electric tools. In 1984 Daniel Delmas became world‘s first inventor of the electric pruning shears. He launched a family business and introduced innovative proposals in vineyard tools. He won best innovation award on the SITEVI exhibition in 1985.

Portable electric tools for viticulture

At present, the electric tools developed by the company are distributed in more than 30 countries. Namely: France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand. Today the company still functions as a family-run business and offers a full range of professional electric tools. In 2001, INFACO achieved a big success with the electric pruning shears ELECTROCOUP. The company is led by Daniel Delmas who. With the help and support of his team numbering 50 people, developed and improved functions and quality of the electric instruments produced by INFACO. Satisfaction and convenience of users, fair and loyal attitude towards customers are the major and final goals which guide INFACO S.A.



Pruning shear F3015

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