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Guided by the passion for innovations in cooperage, VICARD family combined various technological innovations, traditional knowledge and mastership needed for this craft.
VICARD offers unique products (barrels and vinificators) which correspond to all oenological requirements in the process of wine production. VICARD cooperage produces more than 35 000 barrels every year. Thousands of barrels and vinificators are sold in wine cellars worldwide. 70% of VICARD‘s production is intended for export.

High quality barrels and vinificators

Located in Cognac, France, VICARD is the biggest cooperage with area of 14 hectares. Of these, 8 hectares are used for arc drying. Strict selection of wood, entirely natural drying, computerized tracking of processes and unique baking technology have transformed VICARD into one of the world leaders in high quality production of barrels and vessels for vinification. Owing to the exigency, innovations, quality, staff of 180 people and associates from all over the world, VICARD is a world brand – a benchmark in cooperage.

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