АDIG presents - CADUS


Although an ardent defender of French cooperage, its traditions, methods and style, the company also produces innovative, modern solutions to meet new client requirements.
CADUS employs more than 30 professional coopers and has a support team managing purchases, wood stock and client relationships.

CADUS – one of France‘s leading cooperage companies

CADUS produces three main ranges of French oak barrels:

  • The „made to order“ ORIGINE range
  • The SENSORIEL range guaranteeing product performance and end result.
  • • The top of the range, reserved for exceptional wines, CbyCADUS

The cooperage CADUS was founded in 1996 in Burgundy as an ambitious project to bring together different skills, knowledge and competences.

The initial group of producers included wine producers, coopers and experts in marketing from the wine industry. Since then, CADUS has always questioned the traditional processes used in cooperage and has developed new ideas in barrel toasting and sensorial enhancement while rigorously maintaining a high standard of product specifications. Specific aromatic potentials and different types of toasting and aromatic characteristics are therefore available, to respond to the different requirements of the wines around the world. CADUS provides a range of products which cater for a wide variety of wine production requirements. This solution copes with the problems raised by the different grape varieties, origins and wine producing cultures.


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