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Philippe DAYDE grapevine nursery has been the first stage of wine production for three generations now. Located in the southeast part of France in the town of Montans, near the towns of Albi and Gaillac, traditional wine production centres from national and local sorts of grape. Philippe DAYDE farm has more than 20 000 square metres greenhouses, 100 hectares mother plantations and produces 6 000 000 pieces of certified vine seedlings per year. Quality and professionalism have built the good reputation of the grapevine nursery in France, Europe and rest of the world. DAYDE has technical means and contemporary equipment for the production of all traditional sorts of wine and table grape in cardboard method or rooted

manufacturer of rootstocks and vine seedlings

As a manufacturer of pads and vine seedlings, grapevine nursery works according to strict rules for production and is subject to numerous checks which control the observance of the strict phytosanitary requirements under the control and supervision of France Agri Mer. Dayde plants are certified by France Agri Mer which guarantees the quality of the propagation material (native plant, seedlings and vine seedlings).

Philippe DAYDE grapevine nursery has a competent and experienced team prepared to the conditions of the developing market. At your service are technical advisors, ready to provide you with the information you need, so do not hesitate to receive quality at good price and consult us for your future vineyards. The French branch selection is the best nowadays, over the last century it made it possible to restore vineyards, destroyed by phylloxera and to keep traditional sorts of major vineyard regions. The improvement of vine seedlings through branch selection turned the vineyards into disease-free ones with features, corresponding to the needs of winegrowers.

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