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Launched in 1896, the family-run business has transformed nowadays into one of the major suppliers of wine production equipment worldwide. Today, Materiel Pera exports equipment with Pera brand worldwide. The brand is a synonym of quality, reliability and good service. The company constantly adjusts to market needs of wineries, wine producers and consumers.

The winning strategy, created by Pera team significantly contributes to the successful history of the company.

presses for the wine industry, equipment, systems for flash detente and Thermovinification

Production and service

All equipment and machines are manufactured in company‘s production facility in Florensac . Equipment and spare parts are available for transport to any production site worldwide. All equipment and machines are backed by the company’s qualified technicians and service teams. Pera is renowned for their excellent service and proudly supports their brand. PERA export its products and provides after sale service worldwide. As the last chain link in the production process, company‘s after sales service is so efficient that it has become part of Pera’s signature. With a significant storage of spare parts, company‘s after sales service can intervene at any time. They do not delegate their contractual duties to third parties in order to remain the direct partner of wine producers.

Research and development

The key factor in company‘s approach is understanding of needs of clients and wine industry. Through its experienced staff, the company strives to design, create and develop partially or thoroughly key production facilities. Its approach encompasses company‘s capital, environment, practicality which allow for the successful meeting of market needs, that is, ensuring quality of wine, diversity of styles etc.

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