ADIG - products for wine

The company ADIG was founded in 1993 as a family company by Ivan Stoev and was initially focused on distribution of products for wine production. The company is seated at the city of Plovdiv, the heart of Thrace which has been known since ancient times with the cultivation of vineyards and production of wine. In 1997 ADIG became representative of Sofralab, a world leader in the production of oenological products, which have already been well known to the Bulgarian wine producers. At the beginning ADIG was representing only French companies but over the years it increased the number of partners with Italian companies, all of them being leaders in the wine industry. With the development of the market, ADIG divided its activity into two and established ADIG AGRO, which is specialized in vineyards and orchards and ADIG remained at the service of the Bulgarian wine producer.

The main activity of the company follows two directions:

  • distribution of products for wine production and storage by leading world manufacturers
  • consultation and advice in the field of viticulture and wine production by French and Italian specialists.

Oenological products, management and control systems for winemaking, equipment and peristaltic pumps, presses for the wine industry, oak barrels and vinificators, soft and hard wax FOR STAMPS, capsules and screw caps, electric pruning shears, bag-in-box machines, VINE planting material, CONSTRUCTIONS for vine gardens and orchards, TYING SOLUTIONS, WIRE  WINE STORAGE CONTAINER, machines for green and pre-pruning BY LEADING WORLD MANUFACTURERS.

ADIG is an exibitor in the International wine growing and winemaking exhibition „Vinaria“ ever since its creation . The purpose of ADIG is always to satisfy its customers and to build an image of industry leader. The company believes that its future is determined predomonantly by the positive assessment of its customers and partners. Cooperation between ADIG and company‘s customers goes beyond the supply of best raw materials and equipment; it also includes solutions for issues arrising during the process of wine production

ADIG - Partners